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Plagentra Oil

Scientific care system of the 'Stretch marks(striae distensae)' &skin care professional brand
PLAGENTRA Cream(50g,80g,130g)

Principal components
-EGF(Epidermal growth factor), FGF(Fibroblast growth factor), PGA(Polyclutamic acid), co-enzyme Q10,phyto-collagen, H.E.S membrane, ceramide, hyaluronic acid.

Product feature
-A neutral oil produced for the safe use by all pregnant women and other general users for the care of stretch marks.
-Effective for moisturizing dry skin, supplying nutrients, and increasing skin resilience.
-As a non-scented product, the active components protect the skin and maintain moisture.



Directions of use

-After shower, apply 1-2 times to the entire moist body after drying off all water and gently massage.
-Apply adequate amounts of the oil to areas prone to stretch marks due to pregnancy, such as the stomach, thighs, chest, and hips. Gently massage for 5-10 minutes.

Scientific care system of the 'Stretch marks(striae distensae)' &skin care professional brand
Solitary 'scientific care system' in the field considering period of pregnancy in months, stretch mark(striae distensae) progress status, skin-type

1 Stage 3-5 Months
- Beginning of collagen breakdown due to hormone secretion.
- Start of care with PLAGENTRA lotion, oil, or cream.

2 Stage 5-6 Months
- Period where stretch marks(striae distensae) occur most often.
- Concentrated care with cream for areas that are most prone to
strech marks(striae distensae).

3 Stage Childbirth 2-3 Months
- Stretch marks(striae distensae) and skin sagging occurs even

after childbirth
- Final care with PLAGENTRA lotion or cream.
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