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Intense Pulsed Light Radio Frequency
Intense Pulsed Light Radio Frequency
Intense Pulsed Light Radio Frequency
Intense Pulsed Light Radio Frequency
Intense Pulsed Light Radio Frequency

What is Intense Pulsed Light with Radio-Frequency (IPL RF)?
Did you know you can erase sun damage with light?
The signs of aging go beyond fine lines and wrinkles. Photo damage is the result of a lifetime of ultraviolet light exposure. The visible signs include pigmentary changes, coarse skin texture, spider veins, facial redness, enlarged pores, and of course, wrinkles. Intense Pulsed Light treatments are designed to combat the effects of aging with a gentle approach.

Intense Pulsed Light with Radio-Frequency, commonly known as IPL RF, Fotofacial or Photo Facial, delivers high-intensity computer-controlled pulses of light that penetrate your skin and heat the sub-surface layers. Skin 365 uses IPL RF to reverse brown spots caused by sun damage and unwanted spider veins, while stimulating healthy, new collagen.

Intense Pulsed Light plus Radio-Frequency (IPL RF) is different then a basic Intense Pulsed Light (IPL). Many clients that have had a basic Photo Facial (IPL only) treatment in the past have noticed vast improvement with the addition of the Radio Frequency.

A series of IPL RF treatments can offer many of the same benefits of a medium depth laser resurfacing or chemical peel without blisters, burns or long recovery time.

This is a powerful multifunction laser that produces results more quickly and more comfortably than preceding lasers. Contact cooling keeps your skin surface cool and comfortable.

temperature to cause shattering of the pigment. Deeper level damaged blood vessels are treated at the same time.

Shortly after treatment, the unwanted pigment cells (or melanin) have been thoroughly fragmented without harming the surrounding tissue. Vascular lesions (spider veins) also coagulate and shrink, many of them disappearing altogether. In essence, the IPL RF is a smart system targeting only the sun spots and capillaries.

In the weeks after treatment, the shattered sun spot particles are eliminated by your body's own little "clean up" system that absorbs the treated brown spot. Little or no trace of the initial brown spots or spidery veins remain.

What after-care is needed?
Basically nothing beyond normal use of sun protection. Because the treatment is gentle, there is no interruption of routine activities.

What can I expect from IPL RF treatments?
By helping to remove the age spots, sun-induced freckles and broken capillaries, you'll have overall younger looking skin. Improvement is subtle and accomplished over a series of treatments (3-5 treatments) so your skin will not appear obviously treated.


IPL RF treats a wide variety of skin conditions:
sun damage
skin texture
broken capillaries
brown spots
age spots
dark circles around the eyes
sun-induced freckles on the hands, chest, and face
broken capillaries around the nose
excels in helping the reduction of fine wrinkles and large pores.

How does IPL RF work?
IPL RF is capable of two processes at once. During treatment, the IPL RF wavelength is optimized so that the energy is absorbed only by the unwanted melanin (discoloration), raising the

Intense Pulsed Light Radio Frequency

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